Summer is now fully upon us and 4th of July is just around the corner. Are you traveling for this long 4th of July weekend? Whether you're going on your annual summer trip or you're enjoying festivities with family and friends out of town, it's important that you make sure that your vehicle is properly equipped to take on your adventures this summer. If you need a quick oil change or your vehicle is experiencing an issue and you need it fixed quickly, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment online at The Automaster BMW today. We offer fast, professional BMW servicing and repairs on all models, allowing you to get any issue addressed and get your vehicle back on the roads around Burlington and Shelburne in no time.

What Auto Service Should I Have Done Before a Summer Trip?

It's always a good idea to get your vehicle serviced before you go on a road trip, but even more so in the summer. Summer trips bring on heat stress to your vehicle and the likelihood of rain and other unexpected weather is always something to keep in mind. That's why we suggest getting an oil change before embarking on a summer trip. This way, you can drive confidently knowing that your engine is properly protected and working at the highest level. You should also monitor the air pressure in your tires and have them rotated if the tread is looking worn out on the front tires. Another easy service you can perform at home is to simply fill your windshield washer fluid.

Schedule a Summer Service Appointment at The Automaster BMW Today

If you're in need of servicing or repairs, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online or come see us in our service center at The Automaster BMW today.

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