BMW Runflat Tires — The Support You Need When the Going Gets Tough

BMW is one of the leading luxury brands in the automotive industry for several reasons. One reason is the innovation that goes into the engineering of their products. Refined time and again, and put to rigorous tests, their advanced technologies improve the performance of every model substantially. Its efficacy is most apparent by observing the figures achieved by the engine, transmission, and other mechanical units. But one lesser-known but equally significant component is the BMW Runflat tire.


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Aptly named for its purpose, the simplest way to describe the Runflat tire a tire that serves as its own spare. When you get a flat, you won't need to change your tire by the side of the road or call for a tow, because a Runflat tire can keep going even as it deflates. Built to sustain optimum performance even through adverse road conditions, you can get to your destination without compromising your safety.

So what exactly makes the Runflat tire unique? Built out of a heat-resistant rubber compound and fortified with side walls, this tire is incredibly durable. It also features a specific wheel rim that fits securely to ensure the tire stays in place, even while maneuvering through tight bends. Not to mention, since the Runflat tire is made specifically for BMW models, it's a perfect fit. In fact, when paired with the available Adaptive Drive system that effectively redistributes the torque sent to each corner, you can drive with better balance too. Add all these factors together, and if you get a flat, the Runflat tire can maintain a speed of 50 MPH and travel approximately 50 miles, getting you to the nearest repair shop with time to spare.

Impressed? Our team here at Automaster BMW feels the same. That is why we recommend our neighbors from Burlington and South Burlington to visit our Service Center. We even suggest drivers from Winooski, Essex, and farther out in Stowe to make the trip down to our dealership in Shelburne, Vermont! That way, you can speak with our technicians and learn more about the benefits of Runflat tires.

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