Get Ready for Winter Performance in Your BMW

The typical Vermont winter has arrived, and your BMW has to perform even in the cold weather. Whether you're sticking around Shelburne, Burlington, Williston, or Stowe for the holidays, or visiting family in Plattsburgh, NY or Hanover, NH, we here at the Automaster BMW want to make sure your BMW is prepared for the snowy roads. Here are a few tips for winter prep:

  • Tires: You may find that performance and all-season tires begin to lose grip and stiffen in cold weather. Fit your vehicle with BMW-Approved Cold Weather Tires for the best handling on snowy and icy roads. Start looking for new BMW tires online.
  • Engine: Existing engine problems are exacerbated in cold weather. Make sure you're taking care of your engine now with routine oil and filter changes.
  • Battery: A weak battery can be done in by extreme temperatures. Have your battery tested to make sure it can stand up to another winter.
  • Windshield: Prevent the build-up of ice by installing tougher winter wiper blades. Always keep an ice scraper and extra windshield washer fluid in your vehicle.

If you need help preparing for winter, schedule a service appointment with our Service Center. Our ASE certified and BMW factory trained technicians will happily get your BMW ready. Enjoy the winter drive!

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